We believe that every brand has its own distinct character. And we are passionate in communicating that with the perfect blend of form and substance that people can grasp, believe and connect with. Or what we call ‘design that eloquently speaks your message.’

Who We Are

We are Credence. A seasoned and vibrant design and communication agency whose craftsmanship is founded in creativity and integrity. Our works are always geared towards enhancing and highlighting your brand’s character believability. This we do by having a deep understanding of your brand, industry, market and public. Of where you are, and where you intend to be.

With over 20 years of experience in full-range brand and corporate identity services, we have served a diverse clientele in Singapore and beyond, each project handled with utmost attention and strategic execution.

We make it a point to craft designs and creative communication that effectively help bring your brand aspirations to fulfillment.

Because our people are more than just design experts, they are perceptive communicators.

What We Do

We see a project as not just something to work on and get over and done with. We see each project entrusted to us as an opportunity to showcase our design credence and contribute to a brand’s journey and story. And so our projects carry the Credence imprint of well-crafted ideas executed with ingenuity that effect impact.

Through our expertise in print, digital, motion, and interactive media, we bring you creations that speak, connect, and move people towards your brand.

1. our soul
2. we work around aesthetics, form, and function